Decoden Phone~

Hello! Haven't blog for a week? lol I'm quite busy for the last few days. But hey I'm back! I'm back with my  decoden phone <3 

I was bored. So, I ended up getting my cellphone a new look. Bought the deco stickers at Gyaru Shoppe Meishoku. I highly recommended this online shop, if you're looking for gyaru needs :) they offer gyaru lashes, cute wallets, japanese cosmetics etc.with an affordable price. Just check out the site. Plus, the seller is so kind! She was so patient with me despite of my delay payment for the stuffs I bought from her (I was so busy) Thank you for that Ms. Jean. :D

Anyway, so here's the decoden phone. Pink overload of course! just like my past deco phone. What do you expect more from me? of course I've always been a pink addict. Haha Hell yeah! but this time it's hot pink.

Isn't it cute? Oh well I'm just loving the new look of my phone <3

I just wanted to share with you guys my old decoden phone. Unfortunately I lost this phone :( huhu I'm missing my old phone!

And that's all for today. I'm preparing my makeup stuffs for tomorrow's shot <3 I'll be doin hair&makeup for kids! somewhat interesting. It would be my first time to work with kids photoshoot lol :) I'm so excited <3

I'll be posting reviews and makeup tutorial next week. :) Hehe! And I'm signing off now~ bye ^_^


  1. Wow, cute cell phone ;_; I love the way you've decofied your phone ♥

  2. i looove the phone! so kawaiii! <3

  3. lovely desu :3 new follower ^^ hope u follow back nya ;3

  4. thank you girlies ^______^
    @amz sure. i don't mind :) followed you!

  5. The decoden stickers from ur old phone, did u also purchase it from the same ol shop?

    Cute decoden phones btw! Love your style <33

  6. @kristen thank you :D hmm no. The materials used for the old phone is just recycled. Stuffs from an earring without a pair, broken bracelet, necklace, etc. :))

  7. tooo cute!!! >____< reminds me of my old case! <3 Good job :D


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