NYX Face Awards PH 2017 Overview & Tips

I just realized that I haven't blogged about my top 15 and top 6 entries! So I thought of giving you guys a brief overview through my NYX Face Awards 2017 journey. I'll also be sharing some tips and advice for those who are planning to join next year. I'll start with sharing my experience first. This will be a long post so if you just want to know about the tips, go straight to the bottom part of this post. 
Top 15 Challenge: Dreaming in Candy
Intro video by: My hubby, Kiel Montero
Video edit/Makeup/Outfit/Accessories/Props/Setup by: yours truly, Trisha Montero.
Contact Lenses from: GWYSHOP

Personally, this is my favorite look out of all my entries. I'm in love with anything cute and sweet. I thought this was the perfect theme for me and also the perfect chance to turn into a Candy Queen. It's a really random and wacky look, especially with all the doodles and stuff - All I know is that I drew all my favorite food on my body and every minute of it was fun. 
This makeup look took me about 14+ hours(with naps in between) yes, I slept with all these makeup on (including the marshmallow shoulder pads)! Plus roughly 5 hours for the setup. The preparation for this was really challenging, because my daughter's 1st birthday was coming up and I was up to my ears in preparation for both events. Luckily, I've got tons of cute outfits. The outfit that I wore was also a past creation of mine. So, the only real problem I had to deal with was making the props for NYX and my daughter's birthday, not to mention her birthday outfit! Ahhhh~ I can still clearly remember those sleepless nights. But yeah, I have to admit that it's partly my fault, because despite knowing that NYX has given us a very hectic schedule with tight deadlines, I still chose to procrastinate which lead to 3-4 days of sleepless nights. It's nothing new so I'm kinda used to it though! I know, it's not good. I really want to work on this bad habit of mine for so long. But I always end up doing the same thing all over again. Boo-hoo :(

Anyway, let me share some photos from this look:

  Top 6 Challenge: Royalty

Video by: Biin Sanchaze & Mark Doinog of GLIDESFILM
Video Edit, Makeup, Costume & Accessories by: yours truly, Trisha Montero.

Contact lenses from: GWYSHOP

Wig styling by my bestfriend: Franzel Singcol

It was a tough challenge for me. Just being part of the grand finals would have been enough to make me crack from under the pressure. I knew that I had to give it my very best, and since the theme was Royalty, I also wanted to have the most extravagant video. By this time, unfortunately, I was a little short on funds for production. I knew that it had to be the most special out of all my entries. So I had to put my thinking cap on and use what I had at the time. It just so happened that I already had a Rococo inspired gown; one of the pieces that I made for my graduation show in 2014. I wasn't able to finish the gown at the time, and this challenge served as the perfect chance to do so. It was at this time that going with a Rococo-themed look was the obvious answer.

Finding the perfect place to film was also one of the biggest challenges of this round. The look was too grand and I couldn't bare to film it in my pink room. It had to be somewhere befitting of royalty - which only added to my frustration due to financial issues. But luckily, one of my supporters stepped in! She's truly an angel. Thank you so much, Aya Dazo! It's so heartwarming that some I haven't met in real life is willing to extend their help with all this. I felt so touched, grateful and blessed at the same time.

A little bit story about the message of this video:

Growing up, I had been very timid girl; I remember walking with my face down because I was thinking that my face was too big and I also didn't feel very confident with how I looked. But I discovered makeup! I learned how to apply contour and how to use (often colorful) eyeshadow, and then my confidence started growing bit by bit! It helped me feel better looking into the mirror, and helped me get out of bed in the mornings on more difficult days. I studied and dabbled in more things makeup Youtube videos, and started to see it not just as a way to hide my imperfections, but also as a way to express myself. Before I knew it, I was subscribed to hundreds of makeup gurus! Before I knew it, I was a happier me.

But comments and labels started coming in, both online and offline. "Fake." "False advertising." "Self-absorbed." It wasn't just directed at me, it was directed to everyone I had learned makeup from; everyone who loved to wear and use it. All these talented people were made to feel bad or guilty for wearing or enjoying makeup. And I didn't think that was okay. And this is why I wanted to reach out to everyone with this message. Little by little, let's stop makeup shaming. Let's all work in stopping ourselves from judging other people based solely on how they look.

Makeup is fun! Playing with colors help bring out the different facets of your personality and moods. It's an art form! Applying makeup is not easy; it takes a lot of skill, talent and hardwork to perfect it. If you use it as a confidence boost like I do, then there is nothing wrong with that. In the end, it's our choice if we put something on our faces and bodies. Continue doing what you love. We are the kings and queens of our own selves.

When the theme of the challenge was announced, I knew what look I would be going with. I've always loved the Rococo art movement: all the pastel colors, the bows, the frills, the puffiness!!!!

Baroque, the beautiful art movement before Rococo, was one that was built on symmetry and strict regulations; it was also often depicted in dark colors and themes. I loved how Rococo was a reaction to break free from that. Different, yet persistently beautiful. Rococo changed into something more flowing, peaceful, colorful and free. And in this world that is filled with so much judgement, we can definitely use the occasional Rococo-ness. :)

I've already posted this on my Facebook account. But just in case you haven't seen the result of the competition, here it is: 

I would like to thank God, my family, friends, and to those who believed and supported me  
I didn't win the competition. But honestly, I already feel like a winner because of your love and support Seriously, It's just so heart melting that some of you made so much extra effort just to help me with the voting. huhuhu Thank you so much guys x1000000!!!!   I love you all 
NYX Face Awards has been a wonderful experience to me. It made me learn a lot of things, and it gave me the chance to showcase my talent and capability as an artist. And boy, I was lucky enough that most of you appreciated my efforts and talent. I was just a nobody before I joined. I didn't even have a Youtube channel. At first, I was really frustrated as I didn't have enough followers to support me especially through the elimination rounds which was through voting. I didn't even expect to make it to top 15. So yea, I was so lucky and proud to even make it to the top 6 πŸ˜Š   It's truly the greatest achievement of my entire existence. And one of the most important lessons that I learned on this competition is, to never give up!
To be completely honest, I'm not really expecting to win because I'm just a beginner on this field. I know I have to learn so much more about this art. So yea, I was really glad that the winner is someone who is truly awesome and she really deserves it more than anyone else πŸ˜Š  Congratulations again, Marlyn Ocampo   I love you!
My journey doesn't end here. I'm planning to do more Avant Garde Kawaii looks(thank you Marlyn for this term♥) on my Youtube channel. And not just makeup looks, I'm also planning to make some DIY tutorials for accessories and costumes too. So yea, if you wanna see more from me then please subscribe πŸ˜Š

And now for the tips and advice for those who are interested to join on next year's NYX FACE AWARDS...

Actually, just as I was thinking what I would write about, I saw my fellow top 6  placer, Booyah, upload a video about 10 things to know before joining NYX FACE AWARDS. I literally just saw it on my notifications just as I was about to write this up LOL. I gotta say though that she's made a lot of excellent points, and instead go to her channel and watch her video for better tips and advice! She's great with explaining things and has already pretty much said everything I wanted to say and more. So, please check out her video if you're interested in joining next year. It will help you a lot! 

Here's the link:
10 things to know before joining NYX FACE AWARDS PT 1

10 things to know before joining NYX FACE AWARDS PT 2


  1. I have always rooted for you since Day 1. What I really love about you is that you always execute each theme in a very positive way. Everything looks bright, pleasant, and cute. Flawless! You have originality, and whatever you put into your looks is never random. The effort and creativity you exert in all your looks is incomparable. I did wish you won (I congratulate the winner, tho! She also deserved it.) Looking forward to more of you!


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