Review: Sugarpill Trinket Liquid Lipstick

Trinket is the very first liquid lipstick of Sugarpill Cosmetics. I've been eyeing on Trinket since the day it was released on their website last January 2016. It was initially a limited edition in collaboration with bei badgirl. 

Unfortunately, I didn't got the chance to place an order before it got sold out within minutes. So crazy right?! It was a very sad moment for me..  My dream lipstick has gone forever.. My dream was crushed (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯) 
Buy hey! Sugarpill announced that Trinket will be making a comeback! And I was literally in tears huhu I couldn't be more happier. I was so excited to hear the news. So, I was constantly checking Sugarpill's Instagram every single day for months. But I heard no any sort of update regarding Trinket (。•́︿•̀。) I feel like I've been waiting my whole life huhu. I was starting to assume that they won't restock anymore. Then last September, they finally announced that Trinket will be available on their website on October 3. And the exciting thing about it is, it's going to be a permanent shade. What a great news! I swore to myself that this time, I'm gonna get my hands on Trinket no matter what. And holy moly yes! It was a success. I was able to snag one before it got sold out again. So here I am now with a review wohoooooo~~ It's a dream come true!! Well, I'll try my very best not to be biased because Sugarpill is L-O-V-E! 

So without further ado let me show you a swatch of the amazing Sugarpill's Trinket: 
Just look at that glitters! I live for that golden sparkles! Sooo gorgeous. If you think that Trinket is just like any other metallic liquid lipstick out there then, you are wrong. It's a mauve creamy matte lipstick infused with finely milled magical golden glitters that twinkle brighter as the formula sets.

It's the cutest packaging ever!! It's one of the many reasons why I love Sugarpill so much. Their packaging on their products always captivates my heart. Well, I'm a sucker for cute makeup packaging. 

This is the initial packaging of Trinket limited edition by Bei badgirl
Soo cute!! The mermaid art is so beautiful. 

but here's the new Trinket packaging:
Honestly, I like Trinket's new packaging better than the limited edition.

Just look at that holographic box. It reminds me of Anastasia's Moon Child packaging.

The liquid lipstick packaging is very similar to Jeffrey Star's

Same height,width, dimensions. They could have changed a bit to maintain it's uniqueness. But yea, I still find the Trinket's packaging more prettier than Jeffrey's. Sugarpill's art is more appealing to me. But I like how both doesn't look cheap. 

It's quite similar to Jeffrey's but Trinket has a quite sharper edge and It's spongy. Some might not like that but it seemed to work perfectly fine for me. So, it's an okay for me.

The colour payoff is superb. You'll get an opaque color with just one swipe and it's not patchy. 

Here's how it looks after applying one coat
It's not dry yet and the sparkles aren't that visible after you apply it. But here's how it looks after 5 minutes:

The gold sparkles are starting to come to life.

Here's how it looks after an hour:
hi bby :*

The golden glitters is now very visible and sparkling like a dream! I'm in LOVE. 

The glitters is like pure magic. It's becoming more visible and vibrant as you wear it longer. It's amazing! I also found out that you can press your lips together after applying the lipstick if you want the golden sparkles to show up fast. You can also rub it lightly for maximum glitter effect. 

It's super long lasting.  It can even tolerate oily foods. Which is very impressive!

Here's how it looks after 8 hours of wearing it. 
It was extremely hot outside, and I ate an oily food(chicken barbecue). But look how it managed to stay awesome! The pigment is still there, and more importantly the golden sparkles is still visible. I didn't reapply. How awesome is that?! I was amazed on its ability to tolerate an oily food. Usually, liquid lipsticks instantly fades after you eat an oily food. Trinket did fade a bit, but it fades gracefully. You know what I mean? It still looks beautiful even if some parts faded. Some liquid lipstick looks like crap after you eat an oily food. 

It has a strong creamsicle smell, which i'm not a fan of. I hate perfumes it gives me headache. Good thing you can only smell it while the cream is still not applied on your lips. But once it's already applied, you barely can smell any creamsicle scent. Well, I don't mind as long as it doesn't linger on my lips while i'm wearing it.

Definitely a YES! 
It's a hubby approved lippy coz it doesn't transfer when kissing(smack) and it's not tacky!

Now let's do the smudge test. I rub it hard with my finger

Just look at that! It even made the pigment look prettier because the glitters intensifies as you rub it. 

It's formula is creamy, and mousse like. I prefer mousse like textures than liquids because I think it's more comfortable on the lips. 
And not to mention on how lightweight it is. It feels like I'm not wearing any lipstick at all. This is the most lightweight lipstick that I've ever tried in my entire life. Seriously, Trinket is really the bomb! I've tried so many liquid lipstick from different brands and Trinket has the nicest formula. I was surprised how it didn't dried up my lips. Considering my lips is the driest of them all. 

You can purchase Trinket for $18+$6 flat rate shipping for US on Sugarpill's website here.
It's currently sold out. But I'm pretty sure that they will restock because Trinket is now on a permanent shade.

If you are wondering how I got mine since I live in the Philippines. I ask Aranade PH to order it for me. And it cost me Php 1,720/  $35.51 

I conclude that Trinket is the best lipstick for me! Its formula is truly outstanding and one of the most comfortable, lightestweight I've ever tried. It feels quite similar to Ofra, but it's better than Ofra because Trinket is more lightweight and Ofra is not smudgeproof.  I just hope that Sugarpill will release more shade that has the same amazing formula too. Please release a pink shade with glitters on it!!! I'll get myself a Kim Chi too. I may not be a purple lipstick kind of gal but I just love supporting Sugarpill. Their products is way too awesome! I swear, their products is even better than those high end mainstream makeup brands. They are so underrated, they need more love!! 

PS this is not sponsored. This is just my honest review about the product and the brand.

If I were to rate trinket, I'll give it a 5 star.

And just one last close up smiley lips wearing my baby

I'm just so happy!!!!!! I want to thank my hubby for buying me this gorgeous lipstick. I will treasure this baby forever and ever huhuhu 

And some selfies enjoying my Trinket 

a blurry OOTD 
Sorry for the messy background. I just love my dress! I bought it from a thrift shop here in Las Pinas for only Php 80. Yep you heard it right. 

And I just want to share how long my hair is already. 
Yikes~! Look at that roots! Imma full time momma, I ain't got time to bleach. 
But I'll have my hair styled soon. Maybe I'll go for ombre gray.


  1. Great review! Can't wait to receive mine!:))

    1. Thank you! You'll love it that's for sure <3


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