9.17.2014 OOTD+Mini Makeup haul: Canmake, Dolly Wink and Etude House \(◦'⌣'◦)/ ლ(o◡oლ)

I love my unicorn crop shirt! :3

Unicorn Printed Bag: Dolly Kaye

The unicorn print can barely be seen in the picture. I posted the details of the bag on my previous post. Click here if you want to see the adorable print of the whimsical bag  :3

Unicorn earrings from Princess Bubblegum

Yes, I feel like wearing unicorn stuff today~ But there's something missing. Ohhhhhh~ the horn! Well, soon :3

And for my makeup splurges today~ :O

I went to Glorietta earlier to kill time, because of my 4 hour school break. I wasn't really planning on buying anything. I just went there to food trip, and window shop. I'm trying to save money for something I really want to buy for a long time. But being impulsive has always been a hindrance on my so called plan on saving molaaah huhu. I always tend to forgot the plan when I see something I really want. I just couldn't help it. T~T 

Anyway, so this is what I got on my 2 hour stroll inside the mall. (The other 2 hours was spent on my afternoon nap lol)

Canmake Lasting Creamy Liner Brown, Canmake Color Change Eyebrow

YEEEEEEE Canmake has already reached Philippines!wuhooo~ I've always wanted to try out Canmake products! But they were only available online, and overpriced. So, I never bought one, and another reason is; I always chose Dolly Wink over Canmake. Anyway, good thing Canmake is now available locally it's located in Glorietta. It gave me a chance to reach out Canmake products. But, it is not a stand alone store. They are more like a concessionaire at Somera. So I'm pretty sure not all of the Canmake merchandise is displayed. The space is quite small. I wish they would have their own store here in Philippines. I can already imagine the cutesy of the interiors if that happens. 

Etude House Play 101 Pencil#18

I really really love the shade of this purple. It's actually Lilac. I fell in love quickly when I got to see this lovely. The pencil comes with various shade. It was kinda surprising for etude to produce such wide color palette. Their pencils has always been more of a neutral, not bold, and the shades are so few. I believe this is the first time they did something like this. Not quite sure though. Hmmm and yes, it is retractable! I love how it doesn't need a sharpener anymore :D Well~ I should get more of these~ The other shades are really pretty as well! (。●́‿●̀。) But, I gotta put this first into test to know if it's worth it :) I haven't tried the pencil yet.

Etude House powder puff, and cute nail art sticker

So cute righttt? 

Dolly Wink Black Pencil Eyeliner 

I've always been a fan of Dolly Wink, Candy Doll, any Tsubasa Masuwaka line. Hahahaha I'm her no.1 fangirl ♡ I love Tsubasa foreeevvvvvvvaaaaaaahhhh
And yep, Dolly Wink is also already available in the Philippines~ I bought it from The Ramp Crossings, Glorietta. Too bad the liquid eyeliner was out of stocked T~T So I only get to buy the pencil one. 

Sleek Matte Me in Fandango Purple

This one is my new favorite lippy!!!!!! I really love it!! Super duper love love  It's matte and super pigmented. I just bought one first to try it out, but so far I just love it!! I swear I'll be back for more. Bwahaha I should buy all shade and make a review :3 It's like a dupe for Lime Crime's Velvetines. With a way cheaper price. I gotta collect them all! Can't wait to try out the other shades :D

So that's it for now~ Ciaooooooooooooooooo :3 ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

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