My Digital Painting Practice (๑‵●‿●‵๑)

This was my first ever attempt on non chibi digital painting! And I must say that I'm happy with the result :D I gotta practice more though. And I need to get myself a drawing tablet. Yup, I made this using a mouse. *Mano-mano mode. It is also the reason why it took me forever to finish this artwork. Actually, I started doing this last year but I always feel lazy and sleepy whenever I'm attempting to make progress. Then, just recently I suddenly feel the urge of finishing this artwork because the internet here was cut so I had lots of free time and yeeeeeay!! Now it's finished! 

I'll show you guys how it looks before hahaha in the making screenies :3

I can see the improvementttt! Hahaha
Her outfit was supposedly Janna inspired. Janna is a champion in League of Legends. But yuuuh I changed it into this:

Lingerie-ish :D Anyway, can you guys see the big differenceeeeeeeeee?  Practice is what it is all about  Hahaha. I'll try to do more digital painting coz I was really happy with the result, considering that it was my first time. But first, I really need to get myself a drawing tablet D: 

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