Achieving Platinum II

I was really desperate in achieving platinum blonde badly so I bleached once again. FYI, this is my 4th-6th time of bleaching. Though I'm not so sure. I can barely remember. lol 

hmm let's see the progress and improvements!
First, here's a photo of my hair before my recent bleaching: (I am really sorry for my bare face. lol)

Well yea after all the 4-6 times of bleaching my hair is still yellow and I'm not liking it. How come my hair has lots of yellow pigment! Damn. I think it's because my natural hair is jet black. 

I'll post the products I used first. The picture of the final look is at the latter part of this post 

So here are the products I used:
Manic Panic Virgin Snow Toner

Bremod Bleaching Powder

Mondes Oxisizing Emulsion Cream vol 40 and 30

Ionic Keratin Treatment

Ahglow Keratin Protek

Hair Extensions

Dyed my hair extensions with this white hair dye.

These extensions were originally dark ash blonde. But I just bleached them so I could reuse them :)

Manic Panic Cupcake Pink

Manic Panic Cupcake Pink result

And here's the result of my hair after all the bleaching and toning process!!!!!!! 

with hair extensions :)
Yeeey Some parts are finally platinum! But still yellow streaks being so annoying like forever. lol

without extensions:

with pink hair extensions:

Finally, my platinum blonde journey has officially ended. I'm no longer aiming for the super platinum silvery blonde because my hair is deeply damaged. My worst hair condition in my entire life. Dried, fried, hair breaks easily, hair fall. Well that's all the consequences for bleaching my hair a lot. And now I am so donee! Hahaha I'm afraid I'll turn bald soon if I continue bleaching my hair. 

And so what's my next hair dye? 

I am so torn between these three lovely hair dyes!!! like omg what should I pick!! 


  1. Love your eyes and hair! You so adorable!!<3 ^_^

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  2. Wow I really love the blonde but you should get a hair treatment.
    And maybe you should try the third hair colour!


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