Two Faced Makeup.. Hey! I'm back on the track!

Hi Everyone! 

First, I'm sorry for the long hiatus. I was so busy with school stuff. But anyway, I'm back now!
Summer break starts. And just as expected, I would most probably be stranded at our house for the whole break. As a result of boredom, here's what I came up with:

Makeup experimentation! lol It's been a long time since I play around with my makeups. 

The eye makeup looks nice with the eyes open. But trust me, it looks nicer with the eyes closed! 

You'll see how awesome it is in 




see... told you! 
With just a blink of an eye, I instantly transformed into a monster! haha

Kinda reminds me of X men's Storm. But I like Shomba of Coming Soon more. Hahahaha 

I honestly just realized that it looks ridiculous when I took a picture of my eyes closed. And I laughed so hard the moment I saw the picture hahahahaha I really didn't know! 

Anyway, so I am back now! Yeeyyy :) But I'll be still a bit busy building my portfolio, sewing clothes, and running my online shop.

 But I am definitely back on the track baby! 


  1. Your pretty as always ♥

  2. wow did u lose some weight? and just wondering why u arent wearing circle lenses??

    1. I myself too is not sure if I lose some weight or just the camera angles. :) hmm just because I don't feel like wearing it.

    2. i thought the pill, pretty model, is the reason why. I've been researching about that pill for quite some time already..and so im wondering if u can recommend it? both for slimming and whitening. thanks

    3. I'm no longer taking that pill because I'm so dumb at swallowing pills. lol It's just too big for me. Also, I don't like the side effects. Headaches, my breast is aching. So I stopped taking it immediately.

  3. Wow! After a very long time pretty <3
    I miss your blog *o*
    Still LMAO @ the eyes closed part though I've already seen it in FB xD


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