Decoden Phone

Finally! I was in the mood for giving my phone a makeover! 
My phone's decoden stuffs was detached, dirty, trashy. It looks awful. I had to remake it. 
Damn! I forgot to take photo of how it looked like before I did the makeover. I would like to show how disgusted it was. But uhhh anyway, here's how it turned out: 

I know, it's overpink. As usual, as expected..
 My phone's decoden has always been pink. Actually, I wanted to make it black for a change. But, I don't know what happened it just turned out that way. >.> I just can't stop myself from loving pink. I'm so loyal with pink like forever. 

Anyway, a lot of my classmates/ friends/ strangers has always been asking me about how I do my phone's decoden. 
I'll be discussing a little about that here.

First, you gotta need:
glue gun
glue stick
decoden stuffs
decoden stickers
and your phone or any object that you want to deco

You can be creative, and resourceful with the materials. 80% of the materials I used is recycled. It was from my old and unused accessories, hair clips/ties, earrings with a missing pair, scrap fabric, scrap book materials, etc. 

Basically, you're just going to glue the decoden stuffs on your phone according to the design that you like. If you're gonna attach a decoden sticker, be sure to apply it with glue gun and glue stick for better adhesion. Avoid using mighty bond. It might cause damage to your phone as it has very strong formula. But if you really want a super strong adhesion build up. You can use it at your own risk. And that's it! It's actually easy. You don't really need to buy those fancy decoden stuffs when you can recycle =)


I'll be changing my hair dye this week or next week. I'm so excited =)

Cool hairrrrrrrr I want! 
Ohgosh I'm torn. 
The dilemma I'm facing: Which one of those hair dye?
Mind helping me choose? :D 


  1. The last two colors! <3 <3
    And I understand you on the loyalty to pink part, no matter how hard I try I can't stay away from it =))
    May I ask, what phone is that? :)

    1. Trueee!
      Myphone. it's just a cheapo phone brand :-)

  2. Your new decoden is so cute! I bought a bunch of decoden supplies recently but I've been lazy and haven't gotten around to decorating it yet.

    I like all the hair colors you chose too. The 1st one is really nice if you want a more natural look. I really like the last two colors too :)

  3. Cute :) Just started following your blog :D Would love you to check out my blog and follow back if you like :)

  4. hey miss! just found your blog and I love it!
    you're gorgeous!
    newest follower
    follow back ? <333 Xx

  5. wow! your blog is very nice :3 and i like your photos :3
    soo nice >.<


  6. Lovely blog! New follower :D

  7. loving the phone case! so pretty!



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