My Sweet Little Angel: Anastasia Celestine Montero

Words are powerless to express how happy and blessed I am.
First of all, I'd like to thank God for giving me my sweet little angel, Anastasia Celestine. She's the most adorable creature that I've ever seen. Being a mother is truly hard, but seeing your child smile instantly takes you to cloud nine. I felt like I've become wiser since I become a mother. I know there's still a lot more wonderful stuff to learn about motherhood. So yea, goodluck on my journey on becoming a super mom. (*^▽^)/
Now that I have a family of my own, I'm thanking God for giving me such a wonderful family members to start up with. A loving husband/father, without him I don't know what my purpose in life is. An adorable baby, she's my inspiration to do my very best on becoming a better person. And a cute wife/mother, yours truly lol (*≧▽≦) 
What can I ask for? It already seems perfect to me. God is really good. Despite all the troubles I made, still God is too kind to give me all that I have now. I am eternally grateful for God's amazing gifts. I promise to treasure these gifts. Starting up a family is definitely not easy peasy. There will be lots of challenges, but I promise to do my very best. I promise to be strong for my family. 

But for now, I'll be a proud mom and share photos of how adorable my little angel is!! 

Outfits & Accessories made by yours truly
Special thanks to Rainne Ortega
Super thanks to the Ortega family for our Baby Anastasia's newborn shoot!
She's the cutest! You know where she got it from. Eheeeeemmmm ˓( ु∎௰∎ू )՞

It really is true. Once you become a mother, it's not about you anymore. You are no longer the center of your own universe. Being a mother is about being selfless.

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