¸.•♥•.•♥•Sailor Lolita Outfit•♥•.•♥•.¸

Hi everyone!! First things first, I know I'm 7 days late but.... 
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Better late than never! Hahaha. 
(o´ω`o)ノ Welcome 2015!! ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

I attended Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special last December 28 of 2014 *yea super late post*(˘_˘٥) And I'm all dolled up! Oh how I missed dressing up on cosplay conventions. I used to spend 2 hours for my hair and makeup, and another hour for wearing my dress and fixing my wig/extensions. Haha that was my routine every time i'll attend conventions back then. I'd usually sport Lolita or Gyaru look during conventions back in the days. Attending convention is fun for me because it's the only time I can be fully kawaii on public haha! and the only time I can wear my favorite fancy dresses, without being judged that much by the people around me.Well It's a cosplay convention afterall. People in these kind of event are used to seeing kawaii ladies like me. lol just kiddin ✿乂◕‿◕乂Coz ya know Lolita isn't the type of fashion you could always pull off anytime, anywhere especially here in Philippines. Except if you don't give a damn on how people would look at you while you donned those platform heels on the streets. 

It has been a very long time since the last time I dressed up for a con. So yeah it felt really nice to be able to do what I used to love. Finally I had the chance to get all dolled up again before my 2014 ended. Sailor Lolita is LOVE!
Top/Skirt/Headdress: Made by me | Necklace/ Angel wing ring: Kleyland | Shoes: J Baby Lolita 

I'm super obsessed with the sailor look right now! That's why I decided to incorporate the sailor look to lolita style and made myself a Sailor Lolita outfit. I'm so loving the outcome especially the skirt. I'll do more of this style soon. 〷◠‿◠〷

Selfie Breakkkkkkk~

And some selfie with friends!

With my boyfie 

After Party with Team Psycho B.

And that's it! Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 


  1. Oh my gosh you look adorable! I love it!

  2. Aww the outfit looks adorable! Happy new year cutie <3

  3. I love your makeup ♥ ♥ ♥

    Happy new year (*´∇`*)

  4. That's honestly too short to be Lolita. You look more Mahou Kei to me.

    1. Well yea I prefer shorter skirts for my lolita outfits or should i say lolita inspired because i think it suits me better :) I don't follow the skirt length rules for lolita haha but anyway, i'll look that up ^^


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