Goal: Achieving the PLATINUM

Hello Everyone!
It has been a long time since I posted random stuffs about me. My recent posts were usually showcasing photo shoots, projects, fashion, and my creations I've been up to. I just missed posting make up, OOTD and hair stuffs! Hahaha And so I'll be doing one today! :)  I'll be showing off my new hair dye.

Yesterday, I went to salon to have my hair bleached again since I've got lots of time now cause hell yeah it's my fcking sembreak! (that would last for only 1 week though lol). 

So.. ehem. I am now presenting my new hair: 
Definitely I am loving it! Plus, my long hair is backkkkkkkkk!! I just got bored with my medium length hair. So I decided to get myself a hair extensions to achieve the instant long barbie hair. Would like to thank the existence of extensions. It really is a life saver. Hahaha just can't express how much I love it! Bought my extensions at Flaired Hair Extensions.

And now, I am presenting how ugly my hair was before I went to the salon lol 
Me and my friend, Nicky, stressed doing our finals! Anyway, just look how my hair is so uneven with the mixed shades of yellow, brown and black. And my roots is looking so disgusting, gross, horrible and yucky! 

My random post won't be complete without me camwhoring. lol
Now and forever being a camera's bitch. Hahaha

Full bangs... or?

Side bangs? Which is better? :D 

PS. sorry for the crappy quality of the photos I just took it with my low quality laptop webcam. 

I know, I just told you how much I love my new hair right? But still, yellow streaks and roots still makes me feel so frustrated. Why don't you guys just leave my fcking hair alone?! 

Here's how my hair really looks without the deceiving hair extensions.
Still uneven. :( Roots still being so annoying. Okay so I know, I need to re bleach the roots again. I might need to bleach it 3 times. Anyway, I'll just take the brighter side. It will be the fact that my hair is more lighter and it is already near platinum!
 I need to bleach the bottom left side of my hair because it is darker. My hair was two-toned before it was bleached. That is why it is sooooooooooo hard to make the shades of my hair even.

Now, I am so desperate. I will do whatever it takes to achieve the platinum blonde!!! So I went to the beauty supply shop and bought these stuffs:

Hair Spa

Bleaching Powder

Oxidizing Emulsion Cream

When I got back home, I immediately applied the bleach on my roots. But just the top part of my hair. Didn't make it at the bottom part because I suddenly just felt sleepy. So I stopped and washed my hair. HAHAHAHAHA lol I fail. LAZZZZZYYYYYY! I'll re apply the bleach some other time when I am in the mood again. lol I might try the purple shampoo or virgin snow of manic panic to help achieve the platinum blonde that I wanted. 
And that's it gals! Have a great day! :D 

Inspiration for my platinum hair:


  1. Gorgeous! Love yer new hair! So barbie like, seriously!! <33

    Full bangs or side, you still look cute!


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