Hair and Makeup: Trisha Denise Perez
Photograpy: GM Vivas

I posted a teaser pic on this shoot on my last post. And so here's the outcome of the photoshoot we did! Enjoy :)

Let me talk about a few things about the dresses I made.
Here's my inspiration on my Avant Garde piece:

Futuristic Architectures it is! All that geometric shapes, sheers, glass, sleek matte texture were the design aesthetics from the inspiration. Wherein, I translated it into a garment. We are required to use 70% unconventional materials for this project. So I used upholstery leather, plastics, rigiline, linen fabric and off course my favorite fabric, soft tulle. 
I got the idea of the geometric cut out style on the picture above, and put plastic on top to give it a more 3d effect and it also represents the glass windows on my inspiration. It is actually 3 layers. Leather, linen and plastic. Damn sewing that part is the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life like omeghad swear I wouldn't do that combination again! But in the end, I figured out the less harder way sewing technique with that. Wohoooo
And again, I crammed. It's actually unfinished. Hahaha such a lazy girl. Will show you how the original sketch design looks.

Hey! I know, it is waaaaay different from the outcome. Hahahaha
 I changed the design, simplified it as much as possible, because I do not have enough time. I told you, I procrastinate, cram, rush. 

And for the Haute Couture piece. hmm It is also supposedly the same inspiration as the Avant Garde. But, don't know how it turned so out of the theme. But atleast I still managed to stick with the color palette :3 All I know is I was just having fun with all the materials, resources I got and boom! Hahaha the design was changed again. It turned into a mermaid-ish with flowers all over it. Dude that is so far from the original concept Hahaha I don't care. I'm all about experimenting without any plans at all. 

And oh, I don't even have a name for this collection. Told yah, planning is not my thing. That's why I am so disorganized and that makes me a procrastinator. 
But anyway, I think Georgini will do. We actually gave that name to our model, Rolini Pineda, because she looks like Georgina Wilson! Georgina+Rolini = Georgini. Lool 

That's all folks! I just shared a simple story on how I work on my creations. :)


  1. ilove it girl:) clap clap clap") galing girl keep it up:)

  2. Nice concept Trisha! Btw your model reminds me of Japanese celeb named erika sawajiri


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